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Tales from Travel is not intended to be just a series on this website. I hope it becomes a lot more than that. It’s a concept that I’ve toyed with since the time I decided to start this web-based travelogue. The inspiration for wanting to create a separate section solely reserved for stories and experiences stemmed from a very basic question – Why do we love travelling so much? Often every traveller’s answer will relate to the experiences they’ve had, either solo or with other people. A place is never unforgettable or special unless you’ve had an unforgettable experience, a special story in that place.

This section of the website is reserved for real incidents from travel that travellers would like to share with the world. Stories that narrate how travelling broke perceptions and how kindness knows no bias. Stories of compassion, love, struggle, hope, surrealness and almost magic, all experienced while travelling.

These stories are not going to be just mine. The world has a large and diverse travel community. This space is for all travel enthusiasts who’d love for the world to know what they’ve experienced.

If you’d like to submit your travel experience which is out of the ordinary, please e-mail your submission to me at – with your name, nationality and a declaration that the submission is voluntary, original, authentic (i.e. it’s not fictional) and the copyright is solely owned by you. The submissions should be written in English and be less than 800 words. I’d like to keep this section largely positive (the world has enough negativity already) and therefore encourage all of you to submit incidents/experiences that have a positive lining. While I’d try my best to publish all submissions that I receive in this section, kindly note that the decision to publish would be my sole discretion. I will also have the right to make edits to your submission, only to the extent required to enhance sentence structuring, grammar and spelling. Kindly also note that there will be no compensation in cash or kind from me to you or vice versa for your submission and/or subsequent publication on the website. Your reward will be the satisfaction of knowing that there are people out there in the world who would read and be inspired by your story! 😊

I’m excited to start the Tales from Travel series and hope this turns into a long, wonderful journey with all of you!

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